SS Keewatin returns to Port McNicoll on June 23rd 2012

June 23rd SS Keewatin returns to Port McNicoll – Opens at 10:30 a.m. — Ship to arrive at 1:30 p.m. ● Souvenirs ● Food ● Collectibles ● Huronia Museum Display ● Huronia Arts Display ● Port McNicoll School REUNION Tent

ENTERTAINMENT Georgian Bay Brass Band, Beausoleil First Nations Drum Group and Dancers, Students from the Studio of Connie Taws, Sunny Side Up Swing Band, Port McNicoll Village Choir and Sing Along, Midland Legion Pipes and Drums, Georgian Bay Saxophone Ensemble, Silvio Camilleri, Penetanguishene Golden Tones, Keewatin Kids Klub.

SS Keewatin in Port McNicoll

PARKING AND SHUTTLE BUSES (No Onsite Parking) Please park at the Doral (former Mitsubishi) plant next to Martyrs’ Shrine. When this lot is at capacity, parking will then begin at the Franke Kindred plant across the highway from Doral. WATCH FOR THE SIGN TO PARKING LOT  Handicapped Parking available close to Shuttle Bus pick-up. (Passengers in wheelchairs, etc. can be dropped off at the site).  Shuttle Buses will take you directly to the Celebration.

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62 year old - writer/photographer Canadian, survived open heart surgery, received kidney transplant, sometimes dour, sometimes amusing, over six feet in height, severely follicle challemged
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3 Responses to SS Keewatin returns to Port McNicoll on June 23rd 2012

  1. J. G. Burdette says:

    How nice! I didn’t know about this ship. It resembles the SS Eastland.

  2. thanks for your comment, re SS Eastland, i think the designs were quite diffrerent, certainly the Eastland led a troubled life and killed over 800 passengers when she rolled over in the Chicago River, due to her top heavy design. In contrast, the Keewatin sailed 1907-1965 and never lost a passenger.

    • J. G. Burdette says:

      “the Keewatin sailed 1907-1965 and never lost a passenger”

      Yep, that’s what I read on the SS Keewatin website. Very amazing.

      I wouldn’t know anything about the design and such (Info that I am able to get ahold of on the Eastland is very limited). The Eastland had two funnels in contrast to the Keewatin’s one. But that’s the ship that came to mind when I seen the picture of the Keewatin. Would love to see this ship in person though.

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