Ontario Heritage Conference – Kingston – June, 2012

The Ontario Heritage Conference 2012 was held in Kingston over 4 days: Thursday to Sunday, May 31 to June 3. Organized under the auspices of Community Heritage Ontario and the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, this year’s theme was:  Beyond Borders: Heritage Best Practices.

This event brought together heritage volunteers, advocates, consultants, and government employees.  In total, some 300 delegates and presenters participated. Lynda Hook and Terry Fegarty represented the Tay Heritage Committee, while Sue Mackenzie and Bill Smith of the Midland Committee also attended.

This conference is held annually in different areas in the province. In 2011, Cobourg played host, while our own Huronia will be the site of the 2013 conference.

The 2012 conference featured a wide range of speakers and focused on international, national, provincial and local heritage practices. Conference sessions were held at Kingston City Hall (a National Historic Site of Canada) and nearby St George’s Cathedral. Conference dinners were held at the Marriott Hotel and Fort Henry.

City Hall, Kingston

St George’s Cathedral, Kingston

Featured tours included unique heritage sites such as the Shoal Tower, the Lower Burial Ground, and the Old Sydenham Heritage Area.

Sessions at the Conference

  • Heritage Windows Workshop:                   How to conserve them for future generations
  • Creating the Momentum for Change:       Successes and failures in saving heritage and                                                                      changing community attitudes
  • First Nations Consultation:                        Applicability to heritage conservation
  • Cultural Heritage Landscapes:                   Identification, evaluation and protection
  • Archeology and Built Heritage:                  Legislation, heritage planning, communication
  • Heritage Best Practices: Local Perspective:   3 specific projects or initiatives
  • Heritage Best Practices: National and International Perspective:   Examples from  Canada, Australia, India
  • Young Professionals Forum
  • Heritage Best Practices: International:     3 presentations
  •  Heritage Issues in Ontario;                        3 examples
  • Heritage Impact Statements:                     As part of the heritage planning process
  • Conserving the History of Heritage:         3 examples

 Guided Tours included:

  • Kingston churches: Architecture and history
  • Shoal Tower
  • Kingston Burial ground
  • Old Sydenham Heritage Area
  • Providence Manor Chapel and Print Museum
  • Marine Museum of the Great Lakes
  • Pump House Steam Museum
  • Architecture of Upper Canada: Historic architecture of Loyalist Township

Shoal Tower

King Street, Sydenham

For details, view the Conference program at


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2 Responses to Ontario Heritage Conference – Kingston – June, 2012

  1. way back in the 70s I worked one summer in the Kingston area and through family relations rented a room on Sydenham Street just up from the Hotel Dieu hospital. I remember the Sydenham Heritage District area fondly. I had a new 10 speed bike that summer with me and when I wasn’t working I was rolling around those streets. Wonderful old houses and parks, the magnificent Frontenac County Court House, and the campus of Queen’s University. If you visit that area when the weather is friendly, do consider dragging along a bicycle to explore on two wheels. It is the perfect way to get around there.

  2. tjfegarty says:

    Oops! Thanks

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