Victoria Harbour – Some early buildings/businesses – 1980s interviews

The Bank of Toronto, corner of King and Bay St...

The Bank of Toronto, corner of King and Bay Streets, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (1910) (Photo credit: Toronto Public Library Special Collections)

In the early 1980s some students conducted interviews of local residents of Victoria Harbour.  This led to a publication in 1993 of a small pamphlet regarding the history of Victoria Harbour.   Looking into the research notes from the interviews I found this list of early buildings and businesses.  As was the case in small town Canada built from wood, many buildings were lost in fires:

  • the three Waldie Lumber  Mills
  • mill 1 – 1869 – 1927 torn down
  • mill 2 – 1869 – 1918
  • mill 3 1900 – removed in 1927
  • Queen’s Hotel, run by Dan Robbins, served meals and sold liquor
  • Gem Theatre built between 1912-18, burned 1918
  • Jim Burnie’s Jewellery Store before 1900
  • New Era Newspaper 1914-1919
  • Oinstein’s (sp?) Chinese Laundry
  • Skating Rink 1905, burned 1922
  • Thorburn Tailor Shop
  • Paulie Bergie House
  • Bank of Toronto
  • Allison’s Undertaking
  • Waldie Power Plant  before 1911
  • Masonic Hall and Banquet Room 1914-1918
  • Telephone Service
  • Fire Hall, water transported to fire by horse and buggy and in the winter on a sleigh
  • Roy Heels Store
  • Bank of Commerce
  • Gardiners Store
  • Rumball’s Hardware
  • Lorne Ball Drugstore
  • Marcelle Brothers Restaurant
  • J. Carley’s Store
  • Blacksmith Shop
  • LaChapelle Butcher Shop
  • Eplett’s Butcher Shop

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One Response to Victoria Harbour – Some early buildings/businesses – 1980s interviews

  1. Apparently some of the issues from 1916 of the New Era newspaper published in Victoria Harbour is on microfilm in the Ontario Archives acc. to an internet search.

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