Moore’s Corner School in Tay Township



PREAMBLE: This short history was found in the papers of Mrs. Albert (Marjorie) Mount who resided on Concession 5 (Reeves Road). She was a former teacher and had an interest in preserving history. It is unknown, but suspected by her son, Glenn Mount, that she is the author, (c1965) of this article. She was the last teacher to serve at this school, transferring, with the students, to the consolidated school in Victoria Harbour.

10418915_101 Moore's Corners School S.S 18 Marjory Mount 1954

                                Majorie Mount and class of 1954

BACK ROW ( upper grades) Sharon Sallows, Maizie Mount, Shirley Holm,  Mary Holm, Tom Smith, Garnet Sallows, Eldon Irish.

MIDDLE ROW (middle grades) Shirley Sallows, Wanda Russell, Judy Bumstead, Eleanor Holm, Allen Mount, Brian Webb, Neil Mount.

FRONT ROW (junior grades) Jenny Bumstead, Sharon Rumney, Mary Burnie, Rodney Sallows, John Holm.

There is an old adage which says “It is an ill wind which blows no good”. This saying again became true in connection with this school and the one in Vasey.

After the fire at the “Russell” school in 1905, Vasey and Moore’s Corner schools came into existence, to educate the children of the surrounding communities.

In the year 1906, a small frame hall was built at Moore’s Corner, [edit: the SW corner of present day Hogg Valley Rd. and Newton St.] to be used as a school. The money to build this hall had been raised by several rate payers of the section, each giving a twenty-five dollar note. These notes were cashed at a bank and with this fund, the school hall was built. Vasey and Moore’s Corner schools served under one school board for the next six years. The sections were then divided, Moore’s Corner becoming S.S. #18 Tay and Vasey S.S. #11 Tay.

The Moore’s school was named after the late Mr. Andrew Moore, Sr., who lived on the adjacent corner and whose home and hospitality were a welcome retreat for the teachers who boarded there for many years.

There were just six weeks holidays (or a little more) in the summer with the school term beginning the third Monday in August. Also the salary paid to teachers was $325 per year, [which was considered very good if over three hundred].The first trustees of this section were Mr. Fred Robinson, Mr. James Russell and Mr. Dave Webb.

After these sections were divided, the money which had accumulated over the years was also divided. The amount obtained by Moore’s Corner school was eleven hundred dollars. The school was enlarged and bricked. It then served the community not only as a day school for the children but also Sunday school that was held here for a number of years. It also served as a social centre. Much of the school’s equipment was obtained from the proceeds of adult programs, Christmas concerts and Box Socials which we who are older remember so well.

With the changing years, this school was kept abreast of the times by improvements. Hydro was installed in 1948 giving electric lighting to replace the coal oil lamps and an oil furnace replaced the wood box stove. The children have been taught music by a teacher from Midland and they continue their higher grades of learning in Midland High School. Free transportation to high school is provided by bus service. This is a wonderful improvement from a few years ago when children were taken by team and sleigh or democrat (sic) on a Monday morning and had to board in town until Friday.

Pupils from this school have followed many occupations, e.g. farmers, nurses, school teachers, bankers, boat captains, beauty parlor operators and some of the teachers and pupils have married and remained here; each and all giving their best for the betterment of the community in which they live.

About the year 1950 or ’51 this school amalgamated in a school area (# 1) with Riverside, under one trustee board and now (edit: in 1965) all schools in Tay are in a Tay Township area. Now, following the trends of the times, the children of these elementary grades are also to be taken by bus to schools in larger centres, and the “Little Red Schoolhouse” will be no more.

Submitted by Glenn Mount, Huntsville

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3 Responses to Moore’s Corner School in Tay Township

  1. mmngm says:

    Thanks for putting these articles up; makes it worthwhile to go through our parent’s “stuff”

    Glenn Mount at


  2. tjfegarty says:

    Glenn Mount writes:

    Yes, my mother, Marjorie Mount is the teacher at the right in the photo.
    To her right is Vic Irish, then ??, then Tom Smith (of Tom Smith Motors, Midland) The photo is at Moore’s Corner school. I recognize other faces but cannot name them. Perhaps someone local could.

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