The Russell School, Tay Township


Reeves Road


PREAMBLE: This short history was found in the papers of Mrs. Albert (Marjorie) Mount who resided on Concession 5 (Reeves Road). She was a former teacher and had an interest in preserving history. It is unknown, but suspected by her son, Glenn Mount, that she is the author of this article, as he remembers her mentioning the Mr. T.D.Robinson who is referred to below. 

The first school-house to serve this community was built about the year 1870. It was a log building erected on what is known as the East side of the fifth Concession of Tay, between Lots 3 and 4 [edit; it was situated at 1285 Reeves Road on the NW corner of the Russell farm; thus the name.]


            Figure 1: Memorial to School on Former Russell Property

Pupils attended from Lorne Taylor’s farm, north on Conc. 5 by about 3.5 miles; from Lot 2, Conc. 3 to Riverside on the west [Edit: See * below]; and on the East from as far as Conc. 8. In the winter as many as fifty pupils attended at one time.

The seats were long planks along each side of the school and the desk was a slanted board against the wall. When wishing to change a position, the pupil would ask: “May I turn in”, or, “May I turn out”?

After about ten years this school was replaced by a red frame building in 1880. This building had church seats. Six or eight pupils sat together, with one aisle down the centre of the room. Later double seats and desks were installed.

Twenty-six teachers served in these schools. The school was burned in the year 1905 after which two schools, Moore’s Corner (#18) and Vasey (#11) Tay were erected to serve this territory. Newtonville and Riverside* schools had been built previously.

These are the facts as told me by one of the older pupils, Mr. T.D.Robinson of Moonstone.

Submitted by Glenn Mount, Huntsville



Glenn Mount, Huntsville

Tay Heritage Committee




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