6177 Vasey Road, “Saints’ Rest”

The village of Waverley is one of the earliest communities in Tay. In 1814 a military road (the Penetanguishene Road) was opened between Barrie and the Royal Naval post at Penetanguishene. Waverley was originally established as one stop on the road for mail to be delivered and for travelers to rest.

Many of the first settlers were retired soldiers from the Naval Establishment. The community was first called Bannister’s Corners, but was renamed in 1858 after the 1814 novel “Waverley” by Sir Walter Scott.

6177 Vasey Rd

John Scarlett purchased the property at 6177 Vasey Road in 1900, shortly after it was built. He and his daughter Mary A. Scarlett had come from Cavan, Ireland in 1866.

Once the home was in Scarlett’s possession it became known as “Saints’ Rest”.


It served as a refuge for immigrants from Ireland to come and stay while they prepared their own homes in the area. Nearby Scarlett Line commemorates this family.


The home was built with high-peaked eaves and unique detailing. The front porch and the second floor veranda feature detailed trim. The porch has been rebuilt since the original construction, but was designed to resemble the overall look of the house and the original porch.



Saints 3


The home also features windows with some detailed elements, with the bricks having been laid vertically over the top of the windows. The home was constructed with a field stone foundation, similar to many houses in the area, and it still stands upon it today (Feb 2016)


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Tay Township Heritage Register and Inventory


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2 Responses to 6177 Vasey Road, “Saints’ Rest”

  1. John Blair says:

    Swan family was from Cavan, Ireland.

  2. tjfegarty says:

    Do you mean the Scarlett family?

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