Swan House

image0014320 Vasey Rd



                                                                                                      4320 Vasey Rd   

The Swan family are part of a substantial number of Irish families who immigrated to Canada in the later 1800s.

John Alexander Swan came from Ireland in 1864, at first settling in Flos Township. In 1869, Swan bought this 100 acre homestead on Vasey Line and moved there with his two sons in 1870. It was at this time that Swan sent for the rest of his family to come over from Ireland. Descendants of the Swan family still live in the Vasey and Midland area.

swan house

It is believed that the home was built in 1882, as that was the date found marked on the bricks when the exterior was redone. The house has been entirely re-bricked and has been renovated since its original construction. The original wood staircase still exists as do many of the hardwood floors. A front porch and side mud room have been removed over the years. Hints of Gothic architecture are present through the upstairs rounded windows and the decorative trim on the eaves. The fieldstone foundation of the house is original.

Swan Eaves


Swan Foundation

swan farm

The Swan farm was a large establishment with many workers and a large amount of livestock. They were a Christian family as indicated by the fish symbols in the diamond peaks of the barn. The fieldstone foundation of the barn is original; however the structure of the barn is not. (2008)

Swan Barn

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