Former School S.S. 4, Highway 93, Waverley


6462 Highway 93, Former School "SS 3"

6462 Highway 93, Former School S.S. 4


The school house was built in 1926 to serve the four school districts of S.S. #3 Flos, S.S. #4 Tiny, S.S. #4 Tay, and S.S. #9 Medonte. The land had been purchased in 1891 and maintained by the Township of Flos.



12705295_10154097312311758_5077573973441645140_nIt was a three room schoolhouse, a form which was just beginning to become popular in the early 1900’s. Many pupils attended the school from Waverley and the surrounding farms. There were approximately 15 teachers between 1926 and its closure in the 1960’s.



At that time, the pupils were dispersed to Elmvale, Wyevale, Wyebridge, and Victoria Harbour. The building has since served as a craft shop and veterinary office.

The old school house exterior is relatively unchanged since 1926. The foundation is poured concrete. The bell tower has been well maintained to keep its original appearance. The bell however, is no longer in the tower. Roofing has been replaced with new asphalt shingles. One side porch on the north side has been redone to allow traffic to the inside. The porch on the south side of the building however, has not been maintained and may even have the original concrete steps and protected overhang. (2005)

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