Rumney House




                                                                                      Figure 1: 1831 Rumney Road




In 1880, Matthew Rumney and his family moved from England to Canada and settled in Victoria Harbour. Though Matthew did not gain title of the property until 1888 he and his family started cultivating the land in 1880 and lived in a log cabin down the road. Slowly the Rumneys cleared 400 acres of land, building two barns and a homestead.


                     Figure 2: Matthew Rumney c1890                     

Rumney Original

The Rumney house is an excellent example of a farmhouse in the area, still virtually in its original condition with some unique features, one of which is the buff brick exterior. The brick came from the Minden area and it is one of the only homes in Tay to have that exterior.

                                                                         Figure 3: The original farmhouse 1890

The steep gables and rounded windows are in the Gothic Revival Style typical of many Ontario homes in that period.                                                                                                 

The farmhouse was built in 1890 and modernized in 1989-1990 but in a manner which kept the interior as much as the original as possible. The roofing was replaced with steel tile. In 1976 the porch was rebuilt.



The first of the two barns was built in 1882 with the second being built in 1888. The original barn had no foundation until 1898 when it was raised and a new foundation was built. One of the barns was destroyed by fire in 1976 but the other still remains and is in use today.

The home and farm continue to be owned by members of the Rumney family. The property has been designated under the Ontario Heritage Act as of “cultural heritage value” and protects its specific “heritage attributes” from major renovations or demolition.

Today a veterinary clinic on the property is owned and operated by the Drs. Rumney. (Feb 2016)

For more detail on Tay heritage sites visit


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3 Responses to Rumney House

  1. Sally says:

    I remember visiting this home when I young child, with my mother. Love how beautifully, it has been restored. Great photos of Matthew Rumney and others standing in front of home.
    Would be interested to know, if anyone has identified the people in photo.
    My grandmother was Mabel Rumney Crooke.
    Thank you for posting.
    Sally Croft

    • Ken Crooke says:

      Sally: I think I have this picture in my personal archives – with identities of those present.
      I’ll look when I return home from the cottage in mid October. Maybe we’ll get together with
      Cheryl some time.

  2. tjfegarty says:

    Perhaps contact Dr. Rumney at North Simcoe Veterinary Services on the property

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