CP Rail Staff Houses, Port McNicoll



                           Figure 1: CPR Staff Houses, First (now Talbot) Street, 1914

In 1912 the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) moved its 5 steamship fleet from Owen Sound to its newly constructed lake port and railhead at Port McNicoll.



People came from everywhere to work as transient labour or to build their lives here. Settlers included CPR families moved from Owen Sound and other terminals. Chinese labourers came to help construct the facilities.


      Figure 2: Curling before Grain Elevator

Italian stevedores came from Depot Harbour and elsewhere to work in the freight sheds and the grain elevator. Locals came from family farms or the dying lumber industry.


10690340_10153142498736758_6148356131934141266_n                   10669145_10153165397956758_3134090384039399371_o

                       Figures 3 and 4: Development Plans for Victoria Heights

Land speculators and other civic boosters hoped to see the area become the “Chicago of the North”. The advertisements promote “Victoria Heights” which was never developed.


The way of life in Port McNicoll centred on the railhead, harbour and the magnificent ships. Many CPR buildings and company houses, built by the CPR for senior staff members, were painted in “CPR red”.

                                                                     Figure 5: On First Street, 1920s

The former CPR staff houses at 365, 367, 379, 381, 387, 389, 393 and 395 Talbot Street (formerly First Street) are Edwardian in style, copied from similar workhouses in the United States. All of the homes have been heavily renovated since their original construction; as a result very little except the basic architecture remains the same as the original structure.

For more detail on Tay heritage sites visit https://taytownshipheritage.wordpress.com



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