The McCannell House, Port McNicoll


556 Algoma St

556 Algoma St

Built in 1912 the McCannell house was completed and lived in by March of 1913. It has been well maintained all its life and many of the original aspects and partitions of the home have been preserved. The only real modification to the house was in 1933 when the veranda and porch, at the front of the home, were rebuilt and enlarged. The windows have also been replaced with storm windows but the original trim surrounding them was kept.img20910923678_10153102703029388_7721614431655480227_n





                              S.S. Assiniboia, Owen Sound c1908   

The McCannell family first came from Collingwood in the 19th century. James McCannell Sr. stowed away on a ship to get work. He attained his first command in 1899 sailing ships back and forth to the United States. In 1907 Ed Anderson – Captain of the S.S. Manitoba – asked James to bring the S.S. Keewatin up to Canada. After bringing the ship to Canada, James took a First Mate’s position with the Canadian Pacific Rail Company, later becoming Captain of the S.S. Assiniboia in 1913.

The Assiniboia serviced the Port McNicoll to lake head run for more than 50 years. She was retired in 1966 and scrapped in 1970.

In 2007 the McCannell home was recognized under the Township of Tay’s recognition program for its historical significance to the Township. As of 2016 the home was still owned by the McCannell family.

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