Waubaushene Station


                          Figure 1: Waubaushene Station, South Side of Willow Street

Tay 1878

                                                                 Figure 2: Rail Corridor c 1880

The Tay Shore Trail is an 18.5 km multi-use recreational facility stretching from Waubaushene to Ste. Marie Among the Hurons and Port McNicoll. Opened in 2007, it follows the abandoned CN rail corridor that reached Waubaushene in 1875  and Midland in 1879.



The railroad brought in settlers and their goods and serviced settlements, lumber mills and grain elevators dotted along its right-of-way.


                                         Figure 3: Rail Line and Waubaushene Mill from the West c 1920

After 1872 the Georgian Bay Lumber Company operated the largest of its lumber mills in Waubaushene.


This is the site of the former Waubaushene railway station, built in 1877 by the Midland Railway, later absorbed by the Grand Trunk Railway, then by the Canadian National Railway. Waubaushene was the original terminus of the (then) Midland Railway, and opened for traffic on August 9, 1875

Figure 4: Looking Toward the Station and the Memorial Church

Adjacent to the south side of the station there was a brick 14’ X 24’ baggage and oil house and a two section wooden outhouse. A large area to the south contained a turntable to reverse the engines, a water tank, a large freight shed, six sidings and a loading track to the docks on the bay.

Immediately behind the station, to the east there stood a two storey agent’s house built in 1887. At one time Waubaushene station supported an agent, night and day telegraph operators, and a baggage man. Mail was taken from the train to the Post Office at the general store.

Peanut in Waubaushene

Peanut in Waubaushene

Over the years the major traffic was freight such as lumber, grain and coal. During the 1930’s and 1940’s passenger service was normally twice daily to and from Midland; passenger service was discontinued in 1958 and the station demolished in 1962.

The last freight train over the line ran in 1994; rails, ties and telegraph poles were removed by 1997.



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2 Responses to Waubaushene Station

  1. I’m trying to get some information about my Grandfather. Arthur Rollinson, he lived across the tracks from the Train Station in Waubaushene. He was a Toronto Fireman who had retired to Waubaushene; where upon he became a Market Gardener. He sold flowers & vegetables from his Gardens, he also worked in gardens of his clients as far away as Pentangashene (sp) I know my Uncle sold the property after tearing down the house. Do you have any other information about him and his contribution to the Town and Tay.

    • tjfegarty says:

      I assume that the property was on Willow Street and west of the station. Do you know the approximate dates that he owned the property?

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