Tay Township Introduces “Museum Town” QR-Based Heritage Signage

“Museum Town” is an initiative by the Tay Township Heritage Committee, in partnership with the Huronia Museum, designed to help preserve the identity, history and memory of Tay Township.



Left to Right: Lynda Hook, Tay Heritage Committee, Nahanni Born,Huronia  Museum, Emily Christie, Huronia Museum, Terry Fegarty, Tay Heritage Committee

The Tay Heritage Committee has placed twenty plaques at various sites around Tay Township that can be visited and viewed at any time. They can be accessed by foot, bicycle or automobile. Each plaque contains a QR (Quick Response) code that can be scanned by a smart phone or tablet with a free QR code reader application. The scan will link to a Tay Heritage file providing more information about the site and explaining how the site is connected to Tay’s heritage and history.







          Sample QR Heritage Plaque

A traditional historic plaque provides a limited amount of space for pictures and description of a site’s past, but the new plaques with the QR codes can provide access to a virtual library with information that can be added or updated at any time.

Museum Town provides a great way to tour Tay Township and become acquainted with community history. According to Ms. Born, “the whole idea is about taking heritage ouside museum or municipal walls and making it accessible to everybody”.

The Tay project is an extension of a similar program implemented in Midland where 26 sites have been QR plaqued. Look for more such sites in Midland and in Tay in the months to come.

                    List of Tay QR Sites

Port McNicoll

  1.  McCannell House, Algoma Avenue
  2. CPR Port and Terminal
  3. CPR Staff Houses, Talbot Street
  4. Bonar Presbyterian Church 

Rural Tay

  1. Rumney House, Rumney Road
  2. Tay Port, Duffy Drive
  3. Swan House, Vasey Road
  4. Rosemount School, Vasey Road
  5. Newtonville, Reeves Road 

Victoria Harbour

  1. Company Store and Village Library, William Street
  2. Company Office and Royal Victoria hotel, Albert Street
  3. Range Light, William Street
  4. Company Lumber Mills
  5. 151 George Street 


  1. Company Lumber Mills, Coldwater Road
  2. Company Office and Store, Government Dock Road
  3. Mill-Worker Houses, Coldwater Road 


  1. Waverley School, Hwy 93
  2. Saints’ Rest, Vasey Road
  3. Waverley Cenotaph, Darby Road

For more information see     http://www.simcoe.com/community-story/6733652-museum-town-project-launched-in-tay-township/   

For heritage photographs of the sites click on     

PP Presentation for Plaques                                                                                           


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