Iconic Old Waubaushene House Demolished

img_7746        img_7756

Figure 1: 15 Willow Street 2015, from North       Figure 2: East (Coldwater Road) Elevation


The house at 15 Willow Street, Waubaushene will soon be no more. It was built c.1880 across Coldwater Road from the head office and company store of the Georgian Bay Lumber Company, the dominant economic force in Waubaushene during the village’s heyday as a major lumbering centre.

Figure 3: West Elevation

At one time the house was reportedly the residence of the Company’s mill engineer. It has been empty and derelict for many years.


The 12 inch planks and other materials used in the structure are to be salvaged and recycled.



Figures 4 and 5: North Elevation

img_0394                        img_0402

Figure 6: East Elevation                                       Figure 7: West Elevation


img_9667                img_9673

Figure 8: Chimney Bricks




Figure 9


“An empty house is a doomed house”















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