Brodeur Residence: 209 Cherry Street Waubaushene

Built: 1880 Current Owner: Christine Brodeur
Built By: Undetermined Present Use: Dwelling
Structure: Frame House Original Use: Dwelling
Exterior Wall: Aluminum Siding Address:  

209 Cherry St.

Style: Salt Box



This house is a one and a half storey “Salt Box” house, very similar in style to many other lumber company homes in Waubaushene, Victoria Harbour and other company towns. From the exterior, it looks as though not much has changed structurally, although the interior has been somewhat renovated. The house is box-like in shape with a small covered porch on the front, likely added after the initial construction. There is a small addition to the back of the building, which may have originally been the summer kitchen, judging by the shape and location. The original wood siding and trim has been covered in aluminum siding.


The title claim for this property was lost at 1967, but other historical records indicate that the lot was part of a large block owned by the Georgian Bay Lumber Company or its principals after 1870. The Company put this and many other sites in Waubaushene up for sale c.1925.  The house is most likely to have been built by the Company for the use of Company employees. The Brodeur family has owned the house from at least 1927. Brodeur is a well-known name in the area. In the first part of the 20th century, the Brodeurs were probably best known for their musical talent. The nine member Brodeur Brothers band, including Simon Brodeur, played in marches and events throughout the area in the 1910’s and 1920’s. Later some of the members entertained at local music and dance halls, such as the Bayview Dance Hall and the Holland House in Waubaushene.

The property remains in the family.

Previous Owners List


1834       FRASER, Catherine         

1834       CALDWELL, John Morrison         

1834       SOLOMON, William

1855       HALLEN, Preston

1860       HALL, William

1870       DODGE, Anson George Phelps

1873       The Georgian Bay Lumber Company of Ontario

1876       PLAN 248

1882       DODGE, Arthur Murray Dodge

1883       DODGE, Cleveland H.

1887       DODGE, Arthur M.

1893       HUNT, William J.

1893       DODGE, Arthur M.

1893       The Georgian Bay Lumber Company Limited

1927       BRODEUR, Simon and Mary       

1990       BRODEUR, Christine

 Sources                                                         Location

Land Registry Office                                        114 Worsley St. Barrie

Simcoe County Archives                                 Hwy 26 Midhurst

Tay Township Property Files                         Tay Township Office

Tay Heritage Committee Archives                Tay Township Office



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