This blog is about the heritage of Tay Township in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada.

Tay is a township in Central Ontario, Canada, located in the southern Georgian Bay region. Tay, like many other townships in the surrounding area such as Tiny Township was named after one of the several dogs owned by Sir Peregrine Maitland‘s wife..

The township was incorporated in 1994.

The township comprises the villages and rural hamlets of Ebenezer, Elliots Corners, Melduf, Mertzs Corners, Ogden’s Beach, Old Fort, Paradise Point, Port McNicoll, Riverside, Sturgeon Bay, Triple Bay Park, Vasey, Victoria Harbour, Waubaushene and Waverley.

Read about the history of Tay Towhship here. Histories of the individual towns can be found under the tabs at the top of the page.

Blog contents do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Tay Township or the Tay Township Heritage Committee.

Local volunteer committees are known as Municipal Heritage Committees (formerly called LACACs – Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committees) and exist to advise local municipal councils on heritage matters.

Tay Township Website

blog banner photo is a stylized photograph of Hogg Bay taken from a spot very close to the enormous CPR trestle that was dismantled in the 1970s. photograph courtesy of William J. Gibson

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  1. Diane Anderson says:

    My husband & I recently found an advertising piece for Jones Farm Dairy, R.R.#1 Midland, telephone #563R11, we assume this number is prior to the Bell telephone system. We found an entry for the business in a 1955 Bell Telephone Directory, still at R.R.#1 Midland, with a telephone #LA6-6624. We are trying to research this business and feel that our advertising piece may be 1940’s, but we are not sure if the Dairy was in operation at that time. Can anyone give us a bit of history on this dairy, which Jones family owned it, where was it located, and general dates it operated. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Diane Anderson

  2. I would recommend you contact the Huronia Museum in Midland, Ontario. phone number is 705 526-2844 or email at nfo@huroniamuseum.com

  3. Diane Anderson says:

    Thank you, I will write to the museum.

  4. tkmorin says:

    Cool site! 🙂

  5. William jones III says:

    Dear Diane Anderson, my name is Bill Jones, It was my grandfather who owned the dairy from about the early forties until it closed after hie death in 1967. There were two farms actually that sat kitty-corner to each other where king st and hwy 12 intersect each other. Each farm was about 200 acres. My grandfather had two sons Bert and my dad who was named Bill. My grandfather believed that each son should have a farm hence the purchase of the two. One farm was the site of the actual dairy plant and the other was used for growing most of the feed. I came along in 1953 and spent may days helping and having fun. There are so many stories t tell that I am afraid i would use up most of this page trying to tell them all. If you would like to know more you can email me at jones_bill@hotmail.com

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