Waverley Cenotaph




The Waverley Cenotaph is a memorial built in 1920 for the Townships of Medonte, Tay, Tiny, and Flos; it was erected in commemoration of the men and women of these townships who died in war, and located next to the crossroads of Highway 93 and Highway 27 where the corners of all four townships met.

Donated by the Patriotic Ladies of Waverley and called the Waverley Soldiers’ Memorial, it was unveiled on October 5th, 1920 in honour of those who had fallen in the Great War. Over time the names of those lost in World War II and the Korean War were also commemorated.

The Memorial held a special significance for one couple – The McLaughlins. Ellwood McLaughlin and his wife, Vera, met October 5, 1941 while attending the service at the Waverley Soldiers’ Memorial. Five years later, October 5th 1946, the two were married. Each year the couple returned to the Memorial to pay their respects to those fallen. Mr. McLaughlin also served in the 5th division from 1941-1946.

The monuments include…

  • Medonte Township World War 1
  • Medonte Township World War 2 and Korea
  • Tay Township World War 1
  • Tay Township World War 2
  • Tiny Township World War 1
  • Tiny Township World War 2
  • Flos Township World War 1
  • Flos Township World War 2

Lest We Forget

World War I broke out in August 1914. Recruiting stations were quickly set up and young men were encouraged to enlist. Within one month advance volunteers of the 35th Regiment, Simcoe Foresters were on their way to Valcartier Quebec where they became part of the 1st Canadian Division. They were in position on the Western Front by the end of February 1915.


The 177th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, was the 2nd Battalion raised in Simcoe County. D Company was made up of men from the Midland area, including Waubaushene. They took their initial training in Camp Borden, then left for England and France on April 4th 1917.











This photo, taken about 1916, features 12 youths from Waubaushene and area, two of whose names (3rd and 4th from right) are engraved on the World War I memorial for Tay Township. From right to left: “Hank” Fallowfield, Bob Davidson, Frank Kitchner, “Rolly” Wright, Darwin Raymond, “Bob” Kitchner, Sam Duncliffe, Harvey Etherington, Howard Arbour, Willie McKendrie, Nommo McCauhan, Lytle Carter, Annabelle Arbour.

Lest we forget.

For more detail on Tay heritage sites visit https://taytownshipheritage.wordpress.com


Tay Township Heritage Blog: https://taytownshipheritage.wordpress.com/

Tay Township Heritage Committee http://www.tay.ca/en/your-municipality/tay-heritage-committee.asp

Tay Township Heritage Register and Inventory

Tay Township Public Library, Waubaushene



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